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August 3, 2013



July 12, 2010

This song, Popularity, was in last night’s episode Entourage. Naturally, I had to check it out. Pretty sick song. His CD Salvation was released last fall. I might just have to get it.

Kanye West – Good Night

July 10, 2010

Never heard this track before, but it was a Japanese/UK bonus track on Graduation. Pretty nice song feat. Mos Def.

Wax goes bananas

July 8, 2010

Youtube rappers can be hit and miss, but Wax is a definite hit. Him and previously mentioned rapper Doumbfoundead released a CD about a month ago called Clockwise, and the singles/music videos they have put out are nothing short of greatness.

Anyway here is a video Wax posted on the 4th where he goes crazy over this amazing beat. I have honestly had to listen to it and rewind it several times just to hear all the clever lyrics he has.

here are two of the music videos they have released over the past month.

If you like what you hear I suggest supporting good music. Their latest CD is on itunes and amazon.

Drake freestyle remix (WHAT?)

July 8, 2010

I’ve been on a Drake kick ever since Thank Me Later got dropped. The beats 40 puts down are incredible and the way Drake raps and sings makes me want to listen to that and So Far Gone from front to back. They just on par, not too rap orientated and just enough hip-hop style. The only bad part is you can definitely tell the songs he created that are supposed to be radio singles.

Regardless, here is a freestlyle performed on Tim Westwood about a month ago. The same people who remixed the Hello Brooklyn song did this too. The beat fits him perfectly.

Summer music.

July 8, 2010

Jay Z and Lil Wayne remix by Quincey Jones. A nice remix and some nice visuals along with typography.

Life is Good.

May 22, 2010